The Central Coast Chapter of ATHS


The Central Coast Chapter of ATHS has about a 60 memberships comprising about 80 members.  Most live between the San Francisco Bay area and the Greater Los Angeles area, including the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Coast area of California.  Prospective members and visitors from other chapters are always welcome at our meetings.  The Chapter has a general membership meeting four times per year on a Saturday at various truck related, manufacturing/industrial and historical sites around the Central Coast.

The Chapter Truck Show "The Cooler" is held annually on the third Saturday of July, in the San Luis Obispo area.  The Cooler gets its name from the fact that the Central Coast temperature in July is much more moderate that the San Joaquin Valley in July.  Thus participants and visitors come to the Central Coast in the summer to "cool off."

Meeting time and location will be in the newsletter published a couple of weeks prior to the meeting (see the uppermost link on the left).

Tentative Meetings for 2019 are:

September 28 - Nominations for 2020-2021 Officers - Los Alamos County Park
January - Election and Installation of Officers for 2020-2021 - location tbd

The chapter officers for 2018-9 are:
 President Larry Hoenig(805) 904-6092
 Secretary Ray Boche(805) 438-5637 
 Treasurer Glenn Allen (805) 466-9425


 Diann Wells (310)643-9034

 Larry Hoenig (805)904-6092